Haven and HealthyMindsPhilly.org

Haven Behavioral Hospital is partnering with Healthy Minds Philly.  We want to help them spread the mission and provide people with access to the link for the survey.

HealthyMindsPhilly.org is an online tool and resource designed to support and improve the mental health and well-being of all Philadelphians, regardless of zip code, insurance or income status.  Intended to look and feel different than traditional government sites, HMP is a welcoming and inviting space with a full suite of wellness tools and options.

DBHIDS employees embrace a vision of recovery, resilience and self-determination. We continue to move to a model of care led by the person in recovery. In this model, professional treatment is one aspect among many that supports people in taking care of their own conditions while building their own recovery resources. This recovery process should be viewed as a lifetime journey.  HealthyMindsPhilly.org seeks to help others, help themselves in order to achieve this goal.