Elly Engel, LCSW, MSS – Director of Social Services

 Elly Engel received her MSS from Bryn Mawr Graduate School of Social Work and Social Research with a concentration in clinical and occupational social work. Prior to becoming a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, she was an in-flight manager for international airlines. She witnessed negative outcomes for the employee and employer when flight attendants did not have supports in place. When the first airline went into Chapter 11, she served as Vice President of the Employee Stock Option Board of Directors and was a member of the Arbitration Committee. During her employment with the second, she was asked to be the Executive Chairperson of the union’s Peer Counseling EAP program. After extensive EAP training, she recruited other flight attendants to serve as peer counselors. She advocated and developed an international peer counseling EAP network.

As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Elly has been Director of several Community Mental Health Programs and was director of Social Services, Utilization Review and In-House EAP at an Urban Hospital. She was the Administrative and the Clinical Director at a For Profit Mental Health and Substance Abuse Clinic that provided services to EAP referrals and was program manager for Military OneSource. In North Carolina, she was Regional and Clinical Director for a company which provided mental health, substance abuse and in-school Day Treatment programs. Elly has done program development, written policy and procedures, supervision, mentored, wrote budgets, etc., and provided direct service to clients to keep her skills sharp. She also completed her Ed.D. in counseling psychology.