Home Assessment Program

Our Clinical Nurse Liaison provides a free in home assessment to adults and older adults who are experiencing a mental health emergency or a change of mental status. Potential patients will be clinically assessed by our trained nurse, who will facilitate the evaluation to determine the appropriate the level of care. If the patient does not meet our acuity level, when appropriate, this service can provide resources as an alternative to a hospital admission. The Clinical Nurse Liaison provides support to patients and families at the time they most need help, aiming to avoid further deterioration and alleviate distress as quickly as possible.

How to access the service

Referrals can be made through our Admissions Department 24 hours, 7 days a week at 215-475-3402.  One of our trained Admissions professionals, either a Masters Level Clinician or a Nurse, will take all of the details.  Prior to Assessment, our Admissions team will be screening the potential patient. We will be asking for details about the patient and completing insurance verification. Once we have gathered the information, we will make the decision whether to move forward with the home assessment. Below we have provided items in which you need to have for the phone call.

All assessments with our Clinical Liaisons will be scheduled at an agreed upon time with the patient prior to the visit.

 Eligibility for Home Visit Criteria:

  • Patient has a serious mental illness
  • Requires assessment to determine the presence of a mental illness.
  • Patient’s presentation warrants consideration of hospital admission.

Please provide Admissions:

  • Any Medical POA & Medical Guardianship Paperwork
  • Date of Birth
  • SSI & Insurance Information
  • Any Medications Currently taking or prescribed
  • Any recent paperwork from the hospital such as labs, etc.
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Home Assessments Program
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Home Assessments Program
Haven believes that the surroundings and treatment options for older adults are very distinctive and should be treated as such.

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